About us

Professionalism and Dependability over time

About us

We have been designing and manufacturing machines for processing livestock slurry, for biogas plants and for domestic/industrial waste water treatment plants for over 20 years.

Combined with a streamlined strategic and organizational structure, this precious technical experience has enabled us, over time, to develop and to attain important goals.
Now, in our new Correggio headquarters, we create the best of our sector-specific flagship products, such as separators, chopper pumps, mixers and HBC biocells.

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Quality and reliabilityas a method for each project

There is plenty of room in our facility for designers who know how to interpret our customers’ requirements, since it is by listening to their real needs that the design process comes to life.

Thus ideas, experiences and proficiency converge in the resulting dialogue, enabling us to create products that are tailored to the customer, with particular care to minimizing the use of energy resources and water, in full compliance with the sustainability requirements and environmental regulations.

We at CRI-MAN provide our experience and technological know-how to develop products that conform to reliability, flexibility, sturdiness and durability requirements.

Vision & Mission

Drawing from our many years of experience, we conducted a thorough survey among our customers in the waste water processing sector and endeavoured to fully comprehend their requirements, using this information as a guide in our way of working and an inspiration in everything we do.
The production sector of CRI-MAN is the result of substantial investments in the best technologies applied in each individual department and we are proud to be able to count on a skilled and highly qualified workforce ensuring quality controls in every stage of the process.
A true guarantee as to the performance of CRI-MAN machines and their impact on the environment.
Our range is so comprehensive that it enables us to offer complete and highly efficient solutions with resulting low energy consumption, especially in relation to livestock slurry processing.
Providing our professionalism and dependability in all customer relations is our vision.

Our mission is to imbue the following operational aspects with our commitment:

Product innovation
Prompt deliveries
Technical support
Product life-cycle
Technical expertise


CRI-MAN strives for these goals and does so by devoting attention to the surrounding environment.

An aptitude attested by the Quality Management Systems UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, which underscore the two issues we hold particularly dear:
– Meet the Customers’ Requirements;
– Guarantee respect for Environmental Sustainability.

CRI-MAN can also supply products compliant with Directive 2014/34/EU for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX).


We support environmental research with components that are over 95% recyclable, verified in an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) survey in accordance with ISO 14001 standards.

We support environmental research with components that are over 95% recyclable, verified in an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) survey in accordance with ISO 14001 standards.

Rapid and easy reconditioning

of parts subject to wear, assuring long-lasting durability

High efficiency

thus low energy consumption

CRI-MAN worldwide

The technical ability to adapt our products to the requirements of different markets plus our efficient internal organization enables us to be competitive on the international scene. CRI-MAN exports up to 60% of its products abroad through a network of selected Dealers that also provide an excellent Customer Service.