Moving the substrate in the plants

CRI-MAN products applied to a Biogas plant

1 Pre-storage tank with TBM mixer, MXP mixer and PTS pump.
2 Primary digester with TBM mixer, SB Biogas bracket, MXS mixer and ETO pump.
3 Secondary digester with MXB mixer and CS Service boxes with TBM mixer.
4 SM separator fed by ETO pump.
5 Tank for separated liquid with TBM mixer and SB Biogas brackets.


Electric motor-driven pumps, both submersible and external, are used to feed the primary digester, transferring the substrate between digesters and for mixing inside the digester by means of nozzles. The chopping system provided in all CRI-MAN pumps facilitates the anaerobic fermentation process, thereby improving plant efficiency.


Submersible mixers are used in digesters to mix and homogenize the substrate for the purpose of increasing the efficiency of the plant and preventing solids from settling, since these could reduce plant efficiency in the long run, e.g. by clogging the pipes.


Separators are used at the end of the anaerobic fermentation process to separate the solids from the liquid fraction. The liquid fraction can be used for fertigation. The solid fraction can be used as a soil improver, bedding for animals, etc. Use of separators is also recommended as a pre-treatment for nitrogen removal systems.

Biogas plants

Here are a few examples of the Biogas plants we have built.

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