Products for moving and treating industrial water and waste water

CRI-MAN products applied to a waste water processing plant:

1 Waste water is transferred by PTS, ETO and ETV pumps.
2 Waste water is mixed and digested by TBM and TBX mixers.
3 Mixing in large tanks and basins by AF flow accelerators.
4 Separation of digested solid/liquid fractions by SM separators


Electric motor-driven pumps, both submersible and external, are used for moving domestic/industrial waste water, for transferring the substrate between digesters and for mixing inside the digester by means of nozzles.
The chopping system provided in all CRI-MAN pumps, shreds the solids and fibrous material in the waste water.


Submersible mixers are used for mixing the waste water and homogenizing the substrate of the digesters for the purpose of increasing the efficiency of the plant and preventing solids from settling, since these could reduce plant efficiency in the long run.


Separators are used for separating the solids/liquid of the substrate in the digesters, for treating the organic fraction of municipal waste and treating food waste (from distilleries, slaughter-houses, fruit, vegetables, etc.).

Industrial plants

Here are a few examples of the industrial plants we have built.

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