Innovative and sustainable solutions for dealing with livestock slurry

CRI-MAN products applied to a Livestock facility

1 Pre-storage tank equipped with PTS submersible pump with double chopping system and lifting system
2 Pre-storage tank equipped with TBM submersible pump and lifting system
3 SM separator for separating the liquid fraction from the solid fraction of the liquid manure.
4 HBC biocell to hygienize the separated solid fraction.
5 ETO chopper pump to boost the separated liquid fraction when separation zone and storage lagoons are far apart.
6 Biocirc system with pneumatic valves for flushing the storage channels.
7 First storage tank for the liquid fraction.
8 Second storage tank for the liquid fraction.
9 Separate tank for drawing off liquid with shut-off float valve.
10 PTH irrigation pump with double chopping system.

Why separate the liquid manure into two fractions, solid and liquid?

Benefits from the solid fraction

  • Use as compost in greenhouses, orchards, etc.
  • Use in the fields prior to sowing since the Nitrogen, present in organic form in the solid fraction, is slowly absorbed by the soil.
  • Reduced methane and odour emissions thanks to aerobic stabilization of the solid fraction.
  • Use as livestock bedding.
  • Easy and economical to transport.

Benefits from the liquid fraction

  • Use for flushing out waterways and canals.
  • Use for fertigation in the fields.
  • Reduced volume of the lagoon used for storing the liquid fraction thanks to the absence of the solid fraction.
  • Use in the fields during plant growth since the Nitrogen, present in ammoniacal form in the liquid fraction, is rapidly absorbed by the soil.
  • Reduced Ammonia NH3 emissions since the liquid fraction penetrates rapidly into the soil.
  • Use in nitrogen removal plants.

Livestock slurry management plants

Here are a few examples of the slurry management plants we have built.

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