Aerobic digesterfor processing liquid manure

Converts liquid manure into hygienic bedding or organic fertilizer.
The machine has an electronic monitoring system that ensures the material is hygienized by means of a pasteurizing process.

Health and well-being for the animals

The pasteurized solid material produced by the machine is a safe, healthy product and a great help in controlling infections transmissible via bedding or in places where the animals rest.
Healthy animals that rest properly will have a longer and more peaceful productive life in full respect for animal welfare.

Healthy, comfortable bedding

The machine is equipped with software enabling full control of the hygienizing process to which the separated solid fraction is subjected, thereby preventing the material from having to be rejected if the pasteurizing temperature is not reached.
In addition, the mixing and fresh air insufflation system makes the product extremely soft and comfortable for the animals.

Ease of use and remote control

User-friendly software enables the operator to rapidly and efficiently view the machine data and monitor everything remotely from a PC or smartphone by a specific application.

Sustainability, circular economy and cost savings

Hygienizing the separated solid fraction fully complies with the environmental sustainability standards since it converts farm waste – always considered a problem – into a hygienically safe and comfortable product for the animals.
The mere saving on the cost of conventional bedding and storage materials is enough to provide a rapid return on investment.


Production rate
up to 20 t/day of hygienized solids.

guaranteed by the pasteurizing process (1 hour at 70 °C)

Up to 55% dry material (by adjusting the HRT).


A Biodrying or Biostabilization process occurs inside the HBC Biocell:
An aerobic process of biological degradation of the organic substance in cattle manure takes place in the presence of oxygen (air).
This process is highly exothermic, thus the resulting production of heat is used to ensure the product is hygienized and to evaporate the water. Thanks to the exothermic biological process, the material remains at a temperature of 70 °C for at least 60 minutes to ensure it is pasteurized.

Quality of hygienized solid fraction (1)

Escherichia coli
Limit value 1,000 MPN/g in accordance with:

  • Legislative Decree D.lgs No. 75/2010 Animal by-products after pasteurization.
  • Reg. EU 142/2011 Freely marketable organic fertilizers

Total Bacterial Count TBC
There are no official limits for TBC in Europe.
Indicatively, the limit value for fresh milk is 100,000 UFC/ml.

(1) Analyses relating to laboratory tests. Absence of salmonella.

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